10-Minute Plays for Jane's Walk


Five local groups will be performing 10 minute plays as part of Theatre Junction’s Jane’s Walk event, 10 Minute Plays For Jane’s Walk.

On April 4, five local arts groups were selected to create and perform a 10 minute piece, based on a Calgary neighbourhood.

On May 6, each group will perform their piece inside Theatre Junction Grand; each piece will be performed in sequence in a different area of the GRAND historic theatre. Performances begin at 2pm and again at 3pm. Patrons meet in the GRAND lobby.

On May 7, each group will perform their piece in the neighbourhood it is based on. See www.janeswalk.org/canada/calgary for individual group listings and performance times.

Meet the five groups!


Performing on May 6th at Theatre Junction in the LOBBY

Performing on  May 7th in East Village exact location TBA


Taylor Hicks is a recent graduate of the University of Calgary’s BFA in Drama program and has spent her last year working as an intern at Alberta Theatre Projects. She has focused in many streams of theatre over the past five years including directing, choreographing, acting, and playwriting. Her most recent works include The Cycle (Playwright/ Director, Common Ground Festival), Yoncé (Director/ Choreographer, ND Theatre), and Whole-Grain Cereal (Actor, Taking Flight Festival). She is very excited to have this chance to work with Vanessa and Brydie for a third time and looks forward to many more collaborations in the future.


Brydie Thomas has just finished her final year at the University of Calgary and is excited to be taking advantage of opportunities within the city. She worked on many productions during her time at the U of C taking on many roles in the process. Most recently she worked on the Taking Flight Festival in both the role of a Stage Manager and Performer. Getting the opportunity to create a new piece of work with Vanessa and Taylor is something she is very grateful for. She hopes you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed creating it!


Vanessa Wenzel is graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in Film, Drama Minor this spring. She has appeared in several plays at UCalgary including Splendour (Micheleine), The Learned Ladies (Armande), Closer to the Heart (Avery), and The Real Inspector Hound (Felicity Cunningham). She has also appeared in and worked on several indie films around southern Alberta. Vanessa hopes to continue pursuing her love of the visual arts after graduation through film directing and theatre/screen-acting. She is excited to begin this journey with the opportunity to be part of 10 Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk.

Tangy Lime Dance Projects

Performing on May 6th at Theatre Junction in the OCULAR

Performing on May 7th at 3 pm at the Enchanting Shuldice Forest and

at 4pm at Bowness Natural Area at 52 street

Tangy lime dance



Allara works, writes, and choreographs for dance, musical theatre, and stilt-based performance. She shapes her movement metaphors from common moments of shared experience. She explores patterns which unconsciously take shape in our bodies and put meaning into our everyday motions. Her choreography highlights the “small minutes” and otherwise meaningless moments whose gravity shape our hours, days, and ultimately our lives.

Allara is the Artistic Director of Three Left Feet Movement Creations. Her independent work with Tangy Lime Dance Projects has recently been showcased in festivals and performances by Soulocentric, Tziporah Productions, BlueBird Moving Arts, and Springboard Performance.



Did you know that Canada has a new national bird? It’s the Grey Jay! True story. Not the Canada Goose—too squawky. Not the Common Loon—sings in only in the minor key—too sad. Canadians are a happy, polite people and the Grey Jay reflects our country’s collectively clever and cheerful personality. Performed on stilts for Jane’s Walk 2017, Tangy Lime Dance Projects presents a lightly satiric look at our new national emblem.


Apile of Parts Productions

Performing on May 6th at Theatre Junction in the GRAND STAIRCASE

Performing on May 7th in Scotsman’s Hill in Ramsey

Apile of Parts Productions

Matthew Hall is an enterprising performer and creator drawn by curiosity. Born in Grande Prairie Alberta, he received a foundation in art from family members before pursuing formal training in Calgary. It was during his BFA when he began to develop his personal style, performing and creating abstract physical performance influenced by a multidisciplinary approach. After graduation his passion for learning was rewarded with an internship from Alberta Theatre Projects, a two week workshop in TJ Labs, and a co-creation credit at the Alberta Dance Festival. Matt’s goals are to create and develop original works while exploring his creative process and broadening boundaries and perspectives.

University of Calgary Improv Club

Performing on May 6th at Theatre Junction in the VINTAGE ROOM

Performing on May 7th in the Beltline exact location TBA

u of c improv

Anton is a 3rd year BSc chemistry major/drama minor at the University of Calgary, but in his spare time he is an active improviser, who can most likely be found performing in improv shows in UofC’s Matthews theatre or hiding in one of the basements of UofC’s science buildings, trying to figure out how chemicals work (or something, idk). A lover of all things funny, Anton is excited to tell the story of the Beltline community, through 10 minutes of laughter, and unscripted theatre.

Adam Kostiuk is a boy who likes pizza, hiking, and Halloween. Everything else is just filler. He can be seen most recently in a production of ‘Oh Hell, I Overcommitted to Everything’ as performed by the bags under his eyes.

u of c improv 2

Valour & Tea

Performing on May 6th at Theatre Junction in the MEZZANINE

Performing on May 7th in Mayland Heights in the field at the Crossroads Hall

(1803 14 Ave NE)

valour and tea

Drawn together by a love of vaudeville, physical comedy and the absurd, Val Duncan and Celene Harder have been creating theatre magic as Valour and Tea since 2012. Past works include Mercutio & Tybalt Max & George’s Underground RevueDOES THIS TURN YOU ON? (Calgary Fringe Festival), and The Beyond the Curtain Site Specific Spectacular (Swallow-a-Bicycle and High Performance Rodeo). The duo’s performances blend old-world traditions with modern sensibilities for laughs and occasional profit. Dubbed “irreverent and witty” by the Calgary Herald, “sassy and stylish” by the Calgary Sun, and “most likely to succeed” in high school, Valour and Tea is thrilled to be working with Jane’s Walks and Theatre Junction in this urban exploration of Mayland Heights.

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