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The Shawn Special

The Shawn SpecialWritten by: Shawn Petsche // @shawnoftheshred 1.  If you could live in any era in history, which one would it be and why? I can't imagine leaving my current group of friends or traveling back to an even less progressive time. However, as someone whose passion and work lies in music and the arts, I do feel like somewhere along the way we went very, very wrong. It seems to me that musicians and artists are often the foundation to great cities, great ideas and great experiences, with music and art being fundamentally important to every human society throughout history. These days it sure is easy to feel like that's being taken for granted, though. So, if I could travel back in time...

The Dumbest Person in the Room

The Dumbest Person in the Roomor 10 Things You Don't Know About Ken CameronWritten by : Ken Cameron // @productiveobsession 1. What part of Calgary do you live in and what do you love about it? I live in Ramsay, that quiet neighbourhood nestled between the railroad tracks and the Stampede Grounds that everyone thinks of as an extension of Inglewood. It’s one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Calgary. If I walk two blocks east of my house I encounter an abattoir and a condemned biker bar; if I walk two blocks west I find million-dollar homes cresting Scotsman’s Hill. To the north, one of the best breakfast joints in the city; to the south, the original Café Rosso location and roasterie. This egalitarian...