The First Calgary Financial Mentorship Program

The award-winning First Calgary Financial Mentorship Program with Theatre Junction GRAND offers 15 high school students the unique opportunity to learn about creating their own original performance through an intensive workshop series with our Company of Artists while developing one-on-one mentoring relationships with theatre professionals. This exceptional program is one of the few in Canada that focuses on teaching high school students the practice of contemporary creation and new forms, while engaging students in a discussion of the philosophical role of theatre in society.

Through the program students are provided with access to backstage tours, rehearsals, job shadowing opportunities and tickets to all of the shows in our season. If you are in grades 10-12 and are passionate about theatre, dance, music or visual art, and how you can combine these mediums to create new forms of performance, this program is for you! Thanks to the generous sponsorship of First Calgary Financial, Theatre Junction is pleased to offer this program to students free of charge.


Photo credit: Sanja Lukac, Seities


To apply, just send an email to:
Be sure to include the following information:
  • Name
  • Grade
  • School
  • Drama/Fine Arts teacher’s name
  • Address (including postal code)
  • Phone Number (home and/or cell)
  • Portrait (picture of them)
  • A motivation letter including why you are interested in the performing arts, your favorite quote, and why you would like to be part of the group of the 2014-15 Theatre Junction mentorship program.

Or by calling 403.205.2922 ext.208


Maya Simon, past participant of First Calgary Financial Mentorship Program with Theatre Junction GRAND

As high school was nearing an end, the inevitable question of ‘what am I going to do with my life?’ started creeping into my thoughts. I didn’t really think that I could pursue my ‘hobby’ professionally… Could I?

It was then that I was accepted into the First Calgary Financial Mentorship program with Theatre Junction. This program helped me understand how I could turn this hobby of mine into a career path.

Every Saturday in grade 12, I had a chance to work with a group of 15 peers, and each week learn valuable lessons from a different person who had successfully channeled their art form into a career. We were introduced to a spectrum of mentors who provided us a gateway to the arts community in Calgary.

This program allowed us to learn about theatre in a new way. It prepared us for theatre outside of high school. It moved beyond basic elements of writing, acting and directing, and covered topics of physical art work, movement, administration, experimental theatre and performance art. It also introduced the ideals of an ensemble by showing how the strengths of each person involved can be incorporated to make a show more dynamic. Essentially, this mentorship program validated my reasoning to pursue a career in the arts. It helped create a foundation, which I then built upon in university. It not only taught me how Calgary has a welcoming arts community, but gave me tangible skills to move forward professionally.

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