LA NUIT SAUVAGE: The Dream Factory

Where time melts into strange and marvelous encounters.

April 22, 2017 8pm

Theatre Junction GRAND

Do you dream in colour?

The Dream Factory is an expression of our vision to be a place where people can come together to dream and reimagine our collective future.

A surreal dream-filled night, brimming with art and strange wonders. Your experience will be constrained only by the boundaries of your imagination.

Are you dreaming or awake? Pinch yourself to find out!


Feature performances by Le Cirque de la Nuit 

Installations by local and international artists.

Dreamy confections by Workshop Kitchen + Culture


Tickets are Limited!

• Early bird pricing – $125/ticket until March 1

• Blocks of 10 or more tickets – $100/ticket until March 1

• Regular ticket price after March 1 – $175/ticket

Installations by Albert artist Robyn Moody 
Performances by Cirque de La Nuit
Theatre by Dancing Monkey Laboratories
Installation by Studio Cartel
Dream Lab Sound Designs by local sound designers

Virtual Reality experience by Mammoth VR

Local DJs and VJs

Stay tuned as the dream unfolds.

“ALWAYS trust that the artsy folks could throw an amazing party, even during tough times. It was a dark and mysterious night full of wonders… We were encouraged to unleash our inner curiosity and playfulness at La Nuit Savauge, the very first fundraiser event for Theatre Junction GRAND – a non-profit organization which has been one of the pivotal organs of Calgary’s live art performance and creation.

The level of ‘fun’ at La Nuit Savauge wildly exceeded my expectations. Aside from being entertained by mysterious performances throughout the evening…I was moved to see so many supporters and sponsors at the event. One of them even commented that he “never expected a party like this would be happening in Calgary…this is like a party you would go to in New York”.”

Full review in photos here 

Vincent Law, Binzento Vincente

“The event was an absolute delight to partner on, and BOOM greatly enjoyed assisting Theatre Junction in displaying the creativity and vibrancy that the venue and its collaborators have become known for.”

Derek MacDonald, BOOM Goes the Drum

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