Mark Lawes

Founder/ Artistic Director

Guy de Carteret

Executive Director

Aldona Barutowicz


Karen Bell

Director of Communications and Funding

Jessica Bohrson

Social Marketing and Communications Manager

Freya Engman

Head of Lighting

Lizzy Evashkevich

Box Office Manager and Community Outreach

Ken Wong

Business Manager

Tonya Lailey

Business Development

Oliver Pennock

Administrative Coordinator

Jordan Schroter

Events Manager

Karen Goddard Hermanson

Production Manager

Serena Olfert

Education & Outreach

Raphaele Thiriet

Artistic Associate / Dramaturge

Brad Hawkins

Head of Audio

Michael King

Head of Carpentry

Aftin Jolly

Marketing Manager

Frejya Evenstar

Accounting Assistant